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Designs on demand  A.Maurizio C. +39 3755573224    
3D designs in this page were drawn for professional producers of miniaturized models, according with their requirements.
All images are shown according with customers agreement they were drawn for.

Please, send an E-mail by attaching a sketch with measures and requirements, in order to receive a 3D design preview cost.

In order to get a 3D design of an existing vehicle or building, you have to send at least three 2D ortogonal plans (front, side and top) in the same scale and 3 pictures.
Further pictures may be needed if geometry of the vehicle/building is very complex.

Chaffee tank 3D design sample

Seven Seas Mariner ship 3D design sample

Norman keep 3D design sample

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Pullman 3D design sample

Wheel 3D design sample

Tires 3D design sample

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Polaris ship 3D design sample

SH-90 helicopter 3D design sample

Sassnitz ship 3D design sample

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