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Multicolor 3D printing is the future of limited serial productions of small objects, it is suitable for miniaturized collectable models, gadgets and any other kind of prototyping in wich accurate colors rapresent an important element for preview evaluation.
Color 3D designs are more expensive than monocromatic ones, due to work needed in order to create texture files, and require more skill also during NURBS drawing phase, but they have following main advantages:
1) Both objects architecture and painting can be made in the same working phase by the same designer, it means best work coordination and best results;
2) No further expense for products painting, regardless how many they are, because objects are ready just after printing phase;
3) No further design/painting expense in case of production in different sizes (3D design can be quickly rescaled);
4) texture files can be changed in order to assign different colors to the same object with no redrawing 3D file;
5) Sold out models can become printed and available in few days, so no stock needed.

Please, send an E-mail by attaching a sketch with measures, colors indications and requirements, in order to receive a color 3D design preview cost.

In order to get an accurate 3D design of an existing vehicle or building, you have to send at least three 2D ortogonal plans (front, side and top) in the same scale and 3 pictures.
Further pictures may be needed if geometry of the vehicle/building is very complex.

T34 tank basic 3D design sample

T34 tank textured 3D design sample

T34 tanks color 3D printed

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Tiger tank basic 3D design sample

Tiger tank textured 3D design sample

Tiger tanks color 3D printed

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